Teaser – Interview – Boney M singer Marcia Barrett!

On this picture you can see Marcia Barrett on the far right. I just LOVE the outfits. I would wear any of those dresses on stage too!

Later this month (hopefully this week!) this months interview with miss Marcia Barrett from the famous band Boney M will be online.

Last week I had the pleasure of diving into a completely different world. A league of fame, which I have not directly been in contact with before. I had a personal, serious, funny and most inspiring 30min talk with the Singer Miss Marcia Barrett, who was one of the 4 members in Boney M from 1979 – 1989. She was part of the Band from the very beginning and also when they peaked with hits such as Daddy Cool, Ma Baker, Rasputin, Rivers of Babylon and many more. Boney M has sold over 80 million records worldwide. Now THAT is a lot.

Marcia Barrett with her memoir about the time before, after and during Boney M. Here you see the English version “Forward” and the German version “Immer Weiter”.

Marcia talks about her brand new book and memoir “Forward” a title that very much describes her view on life. We have got to keep moving forward! She grew up in poverty in Jamaica and moved to the UK when she was 13. She became a mom at the age of 16 and did not know she was pregnant before she was in labor. She joined Boney M in 1979 and achieved massive Fame and the fortune she and the other band members were entitled to, landed in the hands of producer Frank Farian (quite a dirty story). She quit the band in 1989 to focus on a solo career but had to battle cancer instead. She survived cancer 5 times, which also resulted in her being paralyzed from the waist down. As the true fighter woman she is, she taught herself to walk again and is still touring the world performing Boney M songs for her dedicated fans.

I cannot wait to share this special interview with you, so stay tuned! The interview will be in English.

The idea behind these Monthly Interviews.

Every month I interview a person, who has dared to follow a dream and dares to live with passion. A person that I find inspiring. They don’t have to be rich or famous, although many of them are. I want to know “how they do it”. How do they overcome fear of failure and just keep moving on. What do they do when they face challenges, which we all do in life?

Why do I want to know this? Because I hope it can inspire more of us to implement more passion in life, both in careers, our choice of education, our relationships etc. I believe that passion is one of the key factors to long-lasting happiness and better mental and physical health for both adults and also our kids!

Smiles from Berlin


(FYI: All Interviews on this blog have until now been done in Danish…however, from now on they will be in English)

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Juni Måneds Interview med sangerinden Kate Hall fra Popstars (2002) og Melodi Grand Prix (2013).

Kate Hall i Dansk Melodi Grand Prix med sangen I’m not alone.

Kan du mon huske Kate Hall? Hun var med i 2. runde af talentprogrammet Popstars i 2002. Den sæson hvor Julie Berthelsen og Jon var med og Jon vandt. Måske du så hende i Melodi Grand Prix i 2013 med sangen I’m not alone? Hvordan det gik hendes sangkarriere efterfølgende kan du læse om ved at klikke lige her. På fredag kommer sidste del af månedens Interview med Kate Hall op og der får du et indblik i hvad hun laver idag her i Berlin, Tyskland.



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