It feels like being in love!

My brand new PR picture taken by Saskia Hubert.

Do you ever think about how wonderful it would be if you could live of your passion? I do. Every day I dream of being able to live of what I love. I believe this is one of the keys to long-lasting happiness. One of the things I really really REALLY love is to write music. This is when I completely loose track of time, forget to eat, forget I am tired even after 8 hours or more work. This is the effect “being passionate about something” has on me. Hang on…It is actually a bit like being in love!

Right now I am also a bit in love with this new song of mine. It is called IT WAS YOU and was officially released last week!

About three years ago, I wrote this song when I realized how negative I was always talking to myself. I had so much to be happy about yet, I was the master of talking myself down even when others gave me praise. I realized that if I ever want to be happy and make my dreams come true I have to change the way I think. I have to think myself up, rather than down and love who I am. It all starts with me. I am responsible for my life, no one else. This is the message of the song.

I hope you will enjoy it. Share it. Be moved by it. Maybe even buy it. You can hear it right here by clicking on the album cover below.


If you want to hear the full length of the song you can also listen here on Soundcloud.

Maybe you have read my blog before?

Then you know I enjoy meeting other passionate people and hearing their stories. Every month I post an interview with a passionate person who “made it” and lives of his or her passion. THIS MONTHS INTERVIEW is with none other than BONEY M singer MARCIA BARRETT. It is up any day now, so stay tuned for a personal, inspiring and breathtaking story about life before, during and after Boney M.

Smiles from Berlin


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