Next up! René Holm – A famous Danish painter

After a long and hot summer break I am back. I have been spending time in wonderful Copenhagen, where I have seen my family and friends. I had my 2-year-old boy with me and we were desperately trying to find things to do in the HOT Danish summer. Being in a city could be challenging…but, we have some great tips on what to do, which I will be posting for you here on my blog.

Anyways, as many of you know, every month I post an interview with a person who lives with passion. A person who has chosen to follow a dream and now lives of it. How did they do it? What challenges did they face and how did they overcome the fear of failure, which hits most of us as we embark on new adventures….especially if they are far beyond the beaten track.

This month I have been lucky to dive into a whole new world. The world of the famous Danish painter René Holm.

René Holm by Dino Mari

His dad expected him to take over the growing family business, but René Holm knew he did not want to go that way. When the day came, René turned down his dad’s offer. Many of us would say that was brave! How did his dad react to it?

Did René always know he wanted to live of his art and how has the journey been until today? I also asked him where he found the courage to go his “own way”?

René has done a series of paintings that share the theme Darkness. We talk about why so many of us fear the darkness and why René loves to paint it? Where does he get the inspiration for his paintings and the themes he chooses for his work? Does he ever feel fear of failure even as a successful and well established painter? Does he have any tips for other aspiring painters?

René has two teenage kids and we also touch upon the challenges we face today, while raising our kids in a fast-pace online world, where striving towards perfection seems to be a key theme.

Naturally you will also get a sneak peak into René Holm’s amazing art and even some work-in-progress, which I was lucky to take pictures of in his studio in Berlin.

The first part of the interview will be online later this week, so stay tuned!

René is exhibiting his evocative work the following places in 2018:

Code Art Fair (DK) at Galeri Benoni (30th of Aug – 2nd of Sept),  Esbjerg Gymnasium (DK) presenting new work in glass and neon made for the school (Aug), Kühlhaus Berlin (DE) group exhibition during Berlin Art Week with Kurator Uwe Goldstein (Sept), Museum Frello (DK) Group Exhibition (Sept), Hygum Kunstmuseum (DK) group exhibition (Sept) Galeri Benoni (DK) Solo exhibition (Nov).

For more info on René Holm, his work and exhibitions visit his website here.

Last month I was lucky to talk to Boney M singer Marcia Barrett.

Marcia Barrett with her memoir about the time before, after and during Boney M. Here you see the English version “Forward” and the German version “Immer Weiter”.

It was a deeply personal, inspirational and strong story about life before, during and after her time as one of the 3 original Boney M Singers. A story which she also wrote about in her brand new book “Forward” (or “Immer Weiter” in German).

It is an interview about coming from deep poverty in Jamaica to the UK, where she got pregnant and found out as she was giving birth at the age of 16! At the age of 30 she joined Boney M in Germany and later she was to find out that Producer Frank Farian was cheating the band for millions in Royalties etc.

How did Marcia get through all this? Read the interview right here.

Smiles to you from hot and sunny Berlin,


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