About me

Welcome to my page. I hope you find it inspiring for I aim to inspire. That is how I believe I can make a small difference in other people’s lives.

If you have any questions about my blog or my music or wish to book me for an event, you can write to me on ninahall@gmail.com.

About me….well where to begin. I was born in England in a smaller town called Harwich. Never heard of it? Don’t worry…but I can say that it was once famous as the town in England with the most pups, and that is quite something! When I was 4 years old, we moved to Denmark, where I grew up, did my education and finished a bachelor in International Business. I spent 6 months studying at Queens University in Canada and loved it. There I had a most inspiring teacher. He was 76 years old and told me to write a paper on the music industry and the change it was undergoing. I ended up doing a bachelor thesis on the topic and for this I composed and recorded my first song “Come and get me”.

Without knowing it, my professor had reignited my dream of one day being able to live of writing and performing music.

Since then I have had my own company doing online marketing and after having tried that I decided to move to Berlin and focus more on my music. Here I met my soul mate and today we live together and have been blessed with a beautiful and funny boy Jordan (2016).

On this Blog you will read about my music, about being a mom, about cultural differences as my boyfriend is from Bulgaria and I write about other people who I find inspiring. I hope you will enjoy it!

The idea behind the Monthly Interviews.

Every month I interview a person, who has dared to follow a dream and dares to live with passion. A person that I find inspiring. They don’t have to be rich or famous, although many of them are. I want to know “how they do it”. How do they overcome fear of failure and just keep moving on. What do they do when they face challenges, which we all do in life?

Why do I want to know this? Because I hope it can inspire more of us to implement more passion in life, both in careers, our choice of education, our relationships etc. I believe that passion is one of the key factors to long-lasting happiness and better mental and physical health for both adults and also our kids.